Tribute Mural Stolen

A tribute painting of Muhammed Ali has disappeared from the site that the boxing legend once opened.


An anonymous artist painted the gates of the former Muhammed Ali Centre in Birmingham, which was opened by the former boxer in 1983.

The painting has been stolen and was reported missing on 17 June.

The place is owned by the council and managed by community group, ‘the Kajans Womens Enterprise’ in Aston.

The painting, that appeared after Muhammad Ali’s death, contained the three time world champion with a butterfly, resonating his well-known catchphrase: “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

Hermin Macintosh from Kajan Womens Enterprise said: “The creativity of the artist was fantastic so we wanted to save it.

“Ali was a world-class fellow and his contribution went across all cultures and communities, so the mural was for everyone and welcomed by everyone.”

The centre has been boarded up since 1998 and Kajans are considering ideas from the public about its development.

“The artist could have gone anywhere but they specifically chose this site because Ali opened it,” said Ms Macintosh.

“If there is an opportunity for it to be returned it would be welcomed by everyone.”


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