Turkish Trip Ends In Tragedy

A teenager from Solihull has passed away in Turkey whilst on holiday with his cousins.


Subhan Khan, a young 19-year-old drowned on 18th May on the Aegean coastal resort of Altinkum, during a short three-day trip to Turkey with his cousins.

The family of Mr. Khan are devastated after his tragic death, so far away from home.

His cousin Raja Umair said: “Subhan’s family are obviously very upset about what has happened. He was very young and was only on holiday for three days. I have been told that he fell into the sea on May 18 and he was recovered later that same day. He was on holiday with a cousin and some friends.”

The police have carried out an investigation and Subhan’s father travelled to Turkey to recover the body. The Foreign Office has also confirmed their support to the family.

Tributes have spread on social media for the 19-year-old student who has been described as “a nice lad”.

Zaheer Asghar, posted a message on Facebook on Wednesday night: “Such sad news, brother Subhan Khan passed away in Turkey today, he drowned. Only 18 years old and gone from this dunya.”

“Life isn’t guaranteed. Please do dua and share with others so more people can pray for him! May Allah give his family sabr and elevate his position in Jannah.”

Megs Hegdekar also posted a poignant tribute that said: “For you Subhan Khan, RIP can’t believe it still feel sick to my stomach re-reading our old conversations, know we weren’t close anymore but I cannot begin to explain how sorry I am we hadn’t spoken in so long I could not feel more guilty.”

“Can’t believe how fragile this life is, if you value someone tell them, if you love someone show them, life is way too unpredictable and this definitely isn’t fair, please know there’s so much love and thoughts of you going round.”

“And to your family and those who were so much closer to you than I ever was, I am so sorry this has happened, RIP.”

Shoeb Hussain said: “Horrible feeling when you use to go same school as someone and they pass away. We had our laugh and jokes in art lessons and music and to hear that you [have] gone forever is shocking. RIP Subhan Khan.

Kamilah Ashanti added: “RIP Subs, he was such a nice lad.”


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