India Kang Tells us How to Date


Finally, a dating manual that answers the questions women are really asking 

Front cover JPEGWhy do men always keep me hanging on before confirming their date night plans? How can I spot time wasters? Is it ok that he just wants to take me for drinks? What do men really look for in a date (not always what you think)?

Get answers to these, and other, dating questions in How to Date, by India Kang. Relationship coach and former advertising executive, India has used her own dating journey — as well as her work with hundreds of clients — as the basis for this revealing and often surprising look at how modern dating really works.

“You just have to be practical”, says India. “Once you accept human nature for what it is— particularly in men — then a lot of things that many women find inexplicable, or just incredibly frustrating, are actually easy to understand and deal with”.

Things you’ll find in the book:

  • How to plan your dating like a campaign, to find Mr Right as quickly as possible.
  • Why most traditional wisdom about romance is leading modern women astray.
  • Solutions to common — but commonly misunderstood — dating conundrums.

How to Date by India Kang
£8.99 in paperback; £4.99 on Kindle
Pre-order now for delivery from Tuesday 24 May
Available via amazon


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