New Audi Q2

The German brands first ever compact SUV is raring to capitalise on the growing desire for SUVs.

Static photo, Colour: Coral Orange

The new Audi Q2 is the German brands first ever compact SUV. The new sleek model is raring to capitalize on the growing desire for SUVs.

It has features from the previous editions of Audi, including the overall look from the A3 and the latest multimedia tech from the A4.

The car will be sold for approximately £22,000 ready to collect in November 2016.

It’s a spacious ride, fitting four adults of all shapes and sizes. It is a family-friendly, practical car with the added luxury of the exterior. With its smooth edges and trimmings, the exterior is striking, giving the onlooker an arresting picture.

Audi have succeeded in making the body look rugged and handsome enticing young people.

Audi have gone from being “elegant” and “cool” to “fun”, adding a new adjective to their portfolio.

Whilst it is an unexpected design, Audi have expanded their horizons, continuing to branch out to more people.


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