No Change of Pace


Meet Rahul Lakhera, Bradford Bulls and Leeds United Club Doctor

The Asian Today have been so so inspired by the principles of Asian Sports Foundation that we wanted to show our support as media partners for the Foundation and help them to reach and engage at a grass-roots level with members of the community.  

Each month we get the lowdown from people from within the Asian community who are working in different areas of the sports industry to get their views on what inspires them.

This month, meet Rahul Lakhera, Bradford Bulls and Leeds United Club Doctor and find out what motivated him to pursue a career in sports medicine.

The winter period brings a flurry of activity for a team doctor as games come thick and fast. You would hope it slows down in January and February but cup competitions put paid to that. For those involved in healthcare in sport, annual leave is non-negotiable as your fixture list dictates your year and plans, turning your timetable upside down. Hmm… I am not selling this well. Any job requires sacrifice and a role in professional sport is no different. We are fuelled by the impressive athletic discipline we see making us up our game. The restrictions these young people put on their lives is amazing in their pursuit of success. I am certain I would not be able to do the same and can see why so few make the elite level.  You need the whole package of discipline, industry, confidence and determination.

So what do I get out of it? A free game to watch… well it helps. Even though I am not the athlete, the sporting environment is dynamic and team orientated. The drive and camaraderie can be infectious making it a place to work like no other. It is not always a bed of roses but the problems faced add to its rich tapestry. I can keep learning and work with my peers at the cutting edge, tailoring my treatment to the individual and hopefully gain the satisfaction of their success.

Sports medicine also provides a philosophy that can help anyone. Life does not have to be complicated. Eating healthily, keeping active in a way that you enjoy and having a balance between mental stimulation and relaxation is not just for athletes. Focussing on these simple areas can help keep us all happy in 2016. 

If you have any questions, have a project that you think would be perfect for ASF to work with and support, or just want to know more, then you can check out the website: and follow them on twitter: @ AsianSports_Fdn.


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