All Scrubbed Up


Community Clean Up Day held in Birmingham’s Stetchford area

Mohammed Zafran (Zaf), organised a Community Clean Up Day in the Stechford area.

Zaf teamed up with Audley Primary School, Birmingham City Council, Labour Councillor Basharat Dad and Labour MP Jess Phillips.

Audley Primary School Deputy Head Teacher Mark Harris, “It was a great opportunity for our pupils from Audley Primary School to take part in this Clean Up event. It really made our pupils appreciate the importance of taking care of their local environment and the damage that dropping litter can cause. Before the exercise, many of the children did not appreciate the damage that litter can cause to their own local environment. 

“It was also a brilliant way of engaging with our local community, who obviously appreciated the work that our pupils were doing. The children really enjoyed this new activity and really want to do it again, we hope this can now become a regular event.”

MP Jess Phillips,” I really enjoy working with kids and this was so much fun and so refreshing and i would like to thank Zaf for organising this Clean Up and thank you Audley School.”

Councillor Basharat Dad,” My aim is to be pro active in my ward and help the community as much as i can.

I love doing projects with schools and especially seeing kids enjoying what they are doing and it inspires other people to look after their own areas. I will be working with Zaf in a few projects in 2016.”

Councillor Basharat Dad is also doing some amazing work at the Skate Park in Bordesley Green where youths from deprived areas come and spend some valuable time with Basharat and his team to stay out of trouble.

This was the 7th Clean Up organised by Zaf in 2015.


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