South Asia Earthquake – Al-Imdaad Response


Powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake hits south Asia


A powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake has hit south Asia on 26th October 2015. Tremors of this strong quake were felt in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India with the highest number of fatalities in Pakistan and Afghanistan, which till now has killed over 240 people and injured thousands.

Collapsed buildings and damages to infrastructure has left people trapped under rubble and hospitals filled with injured people, hundreds reporting multiple fractures. Landslides in the mountainous regions of both Pakistan and Afghanistan have left a number of people trapped without access to basic necessities. Unfortunately, the number of fatalities is expected to rise in the coming days.

Hundreds are known to have died and thousands injured. Aid in the form of temporary shelter, food, medical and cooking supplies has begun trickling into affected areas, but the presence of militants has hampered some efforts.

Trained teams from Al-Imdaad Foundation have already started working on the ground since the first 24 hours following the Earthquake. Adding to that, Al-Imdaad has also started sending Humanitarian Aid to the people suffering from the consequences of the disaster.

The 7.5-magnitude earthquake damaged thousands of houses, leaving families with nowhere to sleep. The Pakistan National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) says that it has released over 8,750 tents for distribution to people who have been left homeless by the disaster. In Pakistan alone, preliminary figures from the NDMA say that over 13,700 homes have been damaged.

Country Director of Al-Imdaad Foundation, Abdussamad Mulla states “Our rescue and relief teams from South Asia responded instantly and will continuously deliver aid to those who have lost everything, our relief teams will monitor the situation daily and will provide LIVE UPDATES on our website”

The East Lancashire based charity recently supported The Christie hospital in Manchester with Chemo pumps and also providing continuous support to Dementia UK and nursing homes across the UK.


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