A Tribute to Riya Dandekar


Concert Held in Memory of 21-year-old

ELO’s Bev Bevan is to star in a memorial concert commemorating 21-year-old Riya Dandekar from Solihull, who lost her battle with cancer last year.

Riya was diagnosed with an incurable case of anaplastic lymphoma and spent her last few days urging people from her hospital bed to join the stem cell donor register, inspiring many to join the Anthony Nolan register.

The students of the Dorrige music school who were touched by their fellow students plight, held a one off event in Symphony Hall in her honour.

Riya’s mother Ursula said: “This year’s tribute is a beautiful way of remembering her whilst continuing her legacy to raise awareness of how quick, easy and simple it is to register as a blood stem cell donor with Delete Blood Cancer UK.”

Riya herself was a talented singer and took part in the concert event last year, only months after her diagnosis. This years concert held a wide variety of acts, including rock, classical music, opera music by up and coming singer Faith Turner and an appearance by the town Gospel Choir.

School patron Bev Bevan and Angelo Starr lead the 300 musicians for the charity event, in hopes of raising awareness about Lymphoma and encourage more people to come forward and join the register.

Money raised from the charity was donated to Delete Blood Cancer UK, Birmingham Dogs’ Home and the healthcare charity Kissing it Better.

Miquel Leon, Head of Fundraising at Delete Blood Cancer UK, said: “It is a wonderful tribute to Riya who, despite being very ill, wanted to help others find lifesaving donor matches by raising awareness of registering as a potential blood stem cell donor.”

To join the stem cell register you must be aged 17 to 55. Visit www.deletebloodcancer.org.uk



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