Drug Raids


Six Men Charged with Offences

Six men will face Birmingham Magistrates accused of drug dealing. All were arrested in a string of dawn raids yesterday by No Deal detectives targeting a city-wide network of suspected drug dealers. .

The initiative was sparked by the concerns of local people about drug dealing on their streets.

Speaking at the start of No Deal, Chief Inspector Rich Agar, who is leading the intelligence-led policing operation, said that those found guilty of drug dealing faced the prospect of being evicted from their homes.

“People need to realise the far-reaching consequences of their criminal actions,” said Ch Insp Agar.

“Law abiding people don’t want to be living next to drug dealers who are attracting addicts to their neighbourhood. They know, as we know, that those addicts are committing crimes to fund their habit wreaking more misery on local people.

“Mirroring the efforts in other areas, we will be working with Birmingham’s housing providers to evict those who are found guilty of drug crimes.

“Unfortunately in some cases this will mean entire families will be forced to move but this is right and proper if they knew what their loved one was up to and did nothing to stop the crimes taking place.”

Charged with conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine are uemployed Raja Hamayum Mushtaq , 39, of Alexander Road, Acocks Green, warehouseman Asim Mahmood, 19, of Millhouse Road, Yardley and student Aboubakr Salem, 19, of Mintern Road, Yardley.

Charged with conspiring to supply heroin and crack cocaine, and two counts of possession with intent to supply class A drugs: is unemployed Sulaimaan Khan, 20, of Sommerville Road, Small Heath.

Charged with conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine; and possession with intent to supply class A drugs is a 17-year-old student from Sommerville Road, Small Heath who, because of his age, the law says cannot be named.

Charged with conspiring to supply crack cocaine is unemployed Kyle Gaye-Smith, 23, of Gayle Grove, Acocks Green.


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