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11-Year-Old Takes on Gruelling 7 Mile Run for Charity

An 11-year-old Birmingham boy has been praised for raising over £400 pounds for charity – all through completing his homework. As part of his secondary school homework Zakariya Pasha commenced on a 7 mile run in aid of local charity, Amirah Foundation, an organisation which helps vulnerable women rebuild their lives after being the victim of domestic abuse, poverty and homelessness. It is also an organisation which his mother works for. The cheeky chap was given a number of challenges to complete by the time he started his new school in September which included a charity fundraise, writing up about a museum visit, a personal physical challenge and a newspaper book review. His target for his campaign is £1,000, a feat which he believes he will achieve.

The Five Ways Grammar School pupil said he felt proud of his achievement. “Well, first of all, it was because my mother works there. It’s charity-funded which means they are not getting any money from the government. It makes me proud that I am giving money to them. It was part of my school homework. I was thinking about doing some cupcakes for everyone but my mom gave me the idea about doing the 7-mile run. At my previous school I had run 6 miles. This one was much more tougher.”

When asked whether he would consider taking the challenge again, he said, very adamantly, “Nope! I don’t want to go through this pain again. I wish I had done the cupcakes!”

Mother Saima Pasha said she was proud he was already thinking about these issues. “I think it’s because I speak about the Amirah Foundation at home a lot and that we’re always relying on funding, but I’m proud that he recognises that these things are important.”

Amirah Foundation director, Shaz Manir, said she found it really amazing how someone so young could get involved in the charity and in charity, in general. “This shows that Amirah Foundation is working because it is all about women and children and their positive future. At this age, to think about domestic violence, I think, Zakariya will make a good husband one day! He’ll go back to school in September and discuss in front of his peers, which means the message is spreading. That’s 30-40 other boys.”

Despite its own struggles with financial hardships and physical pressure with their small team, the Amirah Foundation has faith and passion on their side, faith and passion which have allowed them to continue their work since being established in 2011. Anyone wanting to sponsor Zakariya can do so by searching Zakri’s 7 mile run for Amirah Foundation on


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