Bollywood and the College


An Undeniably Attractive Affair

What a fun filled day staff in the College of North West London had on Friday 10 July 2015!


From ‘Making Smoothies’, ‘Try Drumming’ to ‘Bollywood Dance’, staff enjoyed being part of the development activities with a twists and turns of a day quite unlike any other.


If you picked Bollywood Dance workout, you were greeted with the charismatic instructor Kalpesh Zalavadiya from K’z Dance Entertainment (, upbeat music, lots of laugh and excited staff, eager to be transported into the rich and wonderful world of Indian music.

As the effortlessly talented Kalpesh patiently explained intricate steps of fast, storytelling choreography, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is how the musicals come to life – wonderful journey of an intangible idea to performing stage with dancers and alluring music.


But in the mist of lively dance move rehearsals, you could feel the body muscles being challenged in the process and discreetly reminded that Bollywood dancing is also a healthy exercise.


The hands stretching, hips shaking, gliding footwork and sharp commanding turns, engaged the staff in one of the happiest, energetic and embracing workouts ever.


“We can’t wait for the next Bollywood workshop from K’z Dance Entertainment again” says Elvira Cosic.


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