Blurred Lines


On how our desires and objectives have become diluted

The society we live in today has witnessed some serious change over the last decade. What we do, how we live and how we make our decisions are no longer simple tasks. The rich, poor and middle class are no longer only established through appearance. I’m confident this millennium will see the death of many known cliques. The lines that once split us are now merging but what impact does this have on us as a society?

Aspiration, greed, desires and dreams are in a different league now. The ‘New money’ crowds have found an avenue of flaunting their exaggerated lifestyles to a global audience thanks to the likes of Instagram. Ironically this applies to the ‘No money’ crowds equally as much – who are constantly reinventing themselves to achieve some level of stature in their own heads.

Remember in primary school when you would stand up to an audience of parents and teachers and with passion and vigour tell them what you wanted to be in life – “I want to be a pilot and fly around the world”. Well the focus has shifted now with ‘life’ being replaced by weeks, or even days in some people’s cases. What do I mean? I mean a lot of people want to be everything all at once. Their desires change week in week out. Their objectives are diluted. Blurred.

So ask yourself this – who exactly are you? We all know someone who is exceptionally popular and living a ‘First Class’ lifestyle online, but in reality they are very much ‘Average Economy’. Seeking recognition for something that doesn’t actually impact your life.

There is the norm, and then there are the exceptions – or perhaps the other way round. Either way its up to you to be who you want to be – and not who other people want you to be. Today’s news is yesterdays history. When a natural disaster takes place the world takes to their phones to hash tag ‘Pray for…’, I do it too. It’s a way of showing connection, and awareness of life outside of our everyday surrounding. But does it make a difference. Is acknowledgment enough when we can really do more? Of course we can do more, but why don’t we? Our life gets in the way.

What is important to one person isn’t to another – but universally our emotions are the same, simply translated into a different language. For example I love you in French is Je t’aime. It feels the same, it sounds different. Be sure of yourself, without seeking validation from the likes on your pictures. Commit to do better. Be better. Become your vision.

I don’t have a specific message – the title of this piece is a reflection on its content. It’s all a bit blurred. What I want to get across is that we are living in a time with the world has more than everything to offer. We just need to decide what it is that we want – piece by piece. A less diluted vision gives us clearer goals. Set your goals big, avoid distractions, climb the hurdles and do not give up – however stay focused on your goals because it’s so easy to lose sight of something you were once so passionate about at the cost of something fickle.

Write it down. Commit to it. Make it happen.


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