The Healing Power of Colour


by Mita Mistry, Holistic Therapist

“Rainbows apologise for angry skies.” ― Sylvia Voirol

Colour is diverse in everyday life, it guides us from showing when fruit is ripe and ready to eat to red lights in our environment indicating danger.  Colour has symbolic significance in many cultures, Asian brides wear red to welcome the flow of passion, abundance and joy. In the West, black is a mark of respect during death.  Colour is everywhere but there is far more to it than meets the eye, it is a powerful healer, a language of the soul.

Ancient Egpytians (1550 BC) realised that each colour has is own transformational and healing properties.  They used specially built solarium rooms with different coloured glasses for sun-light to shine onto the patient to achieve specific therapeutic benefits.  In the teachings of sacred Sanskrit, the chakras are wheels of light energy that vibrate at colour frequencies. If you are suffering from a break up, low self esteem or health issues your heart chakra is likely to be affected and can be helped by the soothing affects of green. Green promotes psychological and emotional harmony affecting blood pressure and all conditions of the heart. Spending time in nature or visiualising green are simple ways to help.

In Five Element Acupuncture, practitioners read the colour of a patient’s complexion and the appearance of body tissues. This is one of the keys to diagnosing the root cause of imbalances.

Chromotherapy (colour therapy) believes that colour affects our moods and emotions. A preference or aversion to certain colours is symbolic of our subconscious and personality as well as what we need to balance our energy. For example a strong preference for blue matches a person who is practical, faithful having a sense for order and rational thinking or you could be drawn to blue if you are passionate and firey and need cooling down.

Colours are vibrations of energy and have been used to heal since ancient times. A healthy body depends on a natural flow of energy, a rainbow of vibrations. When any of these colours fade, energy stagnates affecting us physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Colour is a simple, powerful way to restore energy vibrations to the right frequency


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