Let’s Talk Eyebrows!


Re-Shaping, Re-Growing and Recreating

I love to see how fashion and beauty trends evolve over time and we often see styles that we thought were truly dead and buried make a raving comeback.  Flares, frosty lipstick, big hair, they all rear their heads time and again and even sequins have been classified as cool this Spring courtesy of Saint Laurent! 

One trend, however, I personally hope never makes a comeback is that of emaciated eyebrows, plucked to within a millimetre of their lives.  Don’t get me wrong, I have had my fair share of beauty disasters, eyebrows and beyond! A mere ingénue at the time, I was once accused of having eyebrows that mimicked the iconic M of the McDonalds logo (it’s true, my arches put the Arc de Triumph to terrible shame) but at least no one could accuse my M of being cadaverous.  I for one, therefore, am completely loving the high definition brows of today that have kicked those malnourished facial scribbles into (hopefully permanent) oblivion!

I do believe that eyebrows frame the face and compliment your look wonderfully.  Badly groomed and unkempt eyebrows are such a sorry look I actually match clothes to bad eyebrow days: tracksuit bottoms, hoodies and (Prada) trainers.  I actually FEEL drab when my brows are lost in a barrage of re-growth.  The wave of a mere thread by experienced hands, in my opinion, can brighten up the face and often have the same effect as one of those instantly uplifting and beautifying face creams (we all need a quick fix sometimes, darling, so more on those in the coming weeks).  

So, whether it’s re-shaping, re-growing or recreating, let’s talk eyebrows!

The starting point
If you are venturing into the realm of reshaping eyebrows, especially HD style, I would deem it essential to first grow out your eyebrows as fully as your dignity allows.  The hair re-growth cycle consists of three phases and it can take weeks, if not months, for hair to fully return.  It is advisable to approach the weeks of re-growth by clearing just the excess hairs around the eyebrow but leaving the hairs immediately closest to the eyebrow intact, trimming overly long hairs if necessary.  This should allow you to notice a gradual change in the thickness of your eyebrows while at the same time maintaining a clean and polished look.  Eyebrows can gradually be left to grow in this manner until the desired thickness has been achieved and re-shaping can commence.  Note to readers: during the re-growth period fight the urge to hibernate, this too shall pass!  

To tweeze or not to tweeze
Once eyebrows have re-grown and you are raring to go, I would only recommend the services of a professional eyebrow grooming technician unless you are confident enough to do it yourself.  As most people are aware, the popular methods of hair removal include tweezing, threading and waxing (I won’t delve into the more permanent methods of hair removal in this article).  I would avoid using tweezers to reshape or remove excess hair and prefer the more precise and (in my opinion, less painful method) of threading.  For those who don’t know, threading is the simple method of removing hair by using, you guessed it, thread!  There are usually lots of finer hairs around the eyebrow which should be removed to get that polished finish and threading captures even the tiniest hairs beautifully.  Experienced beauticians can thread wonderfully and achieve a clean and perfect shape.  Some people opt to have their eyebrows waxed but I much prefer the precise and lush definitive shape that can be achieved by threading.  

Remember it’s absolutely fine to trim your eyebrows if you can see hairs that are growing longer.  Often hairs at the front of the eyebrows can grow quite long and look unruly, control them by brushing brows upwards and trimming.  

Happy zapping
While some of us contemplate the best hair removal method, others face different issues.   What of those eyebrow hairs that seem to have taken a permanent vacation from the face?

I have been approached by previously happy zappers who have obliterated the majority of eyebrow growth , as well as those who have lost growth due to conditions such as alopecia and eczema, those suffering with vitamin deficiencies or people who have undergone treatments such as chemotherapy, all wanting to know if they can encourage re-growth of hairs in any way.  Many claims of methods inducing miraculous re-growth have been made and we can take a look at a few of the more popular ones below:

Dream creams and concoctions
Various claims have been made about serums, creams and even store cupboard ingredients stimulating eyebrows and encouraging their growth.  Solutions available over the counter, such as RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner and RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum, contain botanicals and peptides and have received considerable attention as well as some positive reviews.  Consistent topical application has been said to promote growth leading to fuller brows.

Nature’s approach

For a more natural approach, it has also been claimed that massaging the eyebrows encourages blood circulation which may help to stimulate growth.  The topical application of weird and wonderful concoctions including castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, milk and even onion juice have apparently yielded eyebrow growth.  Whichever method and mixture you choose to employ, I would advise to steer well clear of the eyes so as to avoid potential irritation or injury!

Brilliant biotin
Take a look at your diet, are you vitamin deficient? Vitamin B, including biotin, is important for hair growth and iron assists in delivering nutrients to the hair follicles.  Ensure your body benefits from sufficient amounts of vitamins and this may contribute to an improvement in eyebrow growth.

If you can’t create…replicate!
As mentioned previously, eyebrows can take a permanent holiday for a variety of reasons and you may have tried everything but to no avail.  Some people may have other reasons, such as religious or cultural, for not being able to depilate and tweak the shape but have always wanted to give the illusion of definition.  Whatever it is, don’t despair as all is not lost.  If you can’t create…replicate!

There has been a positive influx in the amazingly popular eyebrow fillers such as pomades, powders and pencils to alter the appearance of the shape and create the illusion of thickness.  Have you any idea how easy it is to get that amazing arch with a few strokes of a brush?  Great fillers really ought to form part of any fashionista’s accoutrement and even people with respectable eyebrows often reach for a filler to give the eyebrow what backcombing gives the hair: oomph!

If you’re new to this, the first thing to do is decide on your type of filler and pick your colour.  When selecting a shade, the general rule of thumb is to choose a filler one or two shades darker than your own hair if it is fair, or a shade or so lighter if you have darker hair.  

Using a suitable eyebrow brush (a washed mascara wand will suffice), gently brush the hairs into smooth submission.  Pencil or pomade, a scintilla of product and you’re raring to go, being heavy handed the result may appear ‘painted on’.   When using powder and pomade, use a pliable but firm angle brush and gently draw a line on the bottom of the brows starting a few millimetres away from the front.  Gradually fill in the eyebrow, paying particular attention to the arch, with gentle strokes until you reach eyebrow perfection.  Be sure to keep your filler light at the starting point of the eyebrows to keep your brows looking natural.  Where an eyebrow pencil is used, I would still use a brush to imbue the product into the brow for a natural look. Et voila!

Hint of a tint

Eyebrow tinting is also a possible option to intensify the colour of your natural eyebrows and can last up to six weeks.  A trip to the salon is not essential as eyebrow tinting kits can be purchased for a self beautifying treat at home.  Be sure follow instructions!

Practice is essential to ensure your eyebrows are looking as natural and amazing as possible.  Of course, techniques differ and products depend on preference, hopefully over time you will ascertain what is better suited to you. 

I would love to hear from you with your verdict if you have tried any of the products or methods mentioned above or if you have any queries so get in touch! 


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