Andy Moles Misses His Brummie Curries


Afghanistan cricket coach: “The curries are better in Birmingham than Kabul!”

Andy Moles has admitted he’s missing Birmingham’s curries since he’s taken on the task of coaching Afghanistan’s national cricket team.

The former Brummie cricketer has said that he misses his favourite dish now that he’s based in Afghanistan, claiming that the curries in his home city are much better than those in the country’s capital, Kabul.

The 54-year-old said in an interview: “Everyone who knows me will tell you I like a good curry but the curries are better in Birmingham than in Kabul.”

The former Warwickshire batsman, who began coaching Afghanistan late last year said that, despite the security issues within the war-torn country, he feels safe working there.

He said: “The people have been very kind to me and made me feel very welcome.

“I’ve got a brother who used to work for the Metropolitan Police in anti-terrorism.

“He advised me not to go because of the security issues. But he realises that it is a line of work that I do so he advises me on one or two things to look out for and to make me a little wiser in planning my days to limit the risk that maybe out there

“Up to now I’ve been smart and made the right choices.”


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