Chain-Snatch Thug on the Loose


Man Stabbed Shopkeeper in Attempted Gold Chain Robbery

A shopkeeper in Leicester was left wounded after being stabbed multiple times by a man who tried to snatch loose a gold chain from around his neck.

The owner of Mansi Music, based in Belgrave, Leicester was stabbed in the side, chest and stomach as he struggled to force the robber out of his shop.

The 42-year-old victim, who was taken to hospital after the attack and kept overnight, said: “This man came in and was looking around.

“He was white and spoke English and was looking at Indian films, so I showed him some of the English DVDs we have in stock.

“As he was looking at them, he came behind the counter and tried to pull my chain off my neck.

“He was swearing at me and telling me to give it to him, but because it’s quite thick it wouldn’t break.

“I pushed him away and came out from behind the counter to get him out of the shop.

“I thought he was punching me because I didn’t know then that he had a knife.

“I managed to push him out of the front door and we fell on the pavement together.

“It was then that I saw he had a knife.

“He was holding it by the handle and I tried to take it off him – my hand was quite badly cut because I was holding the blade and he was holding the handle.

“There was someone in the street and I asked him to call the police.

“The man ran away and I saw I was bleeding so I went back into the shop and locked the door.

“I have heard about men stealing chains from women in the street but never actually coming into a shop and doing it.

“He didn’t try to get into the till at all. He only wanted to take my chain.

“He needs to be caught because he has a knife and will do this to someone else.”

A police spokeswoman said: “Officers were called to a shop in Dorset Street, Leicester, at about 4.20pm last Wednesday (Mar 4) following a report of an attempted robbery.

“The suspect left the premises empty handed, he was last seen making off on foot towards Catherine Street. Contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”


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