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Bogus Spiritual Healer Conned on American Soil before Leicester

A fraudster posing as a faith healer is said to have conned US and Canadian citizens out of £4.5 million around a decade before he arrived in Leicester. Mohammed Ashrafi has been jailed for nine years for tricking people out of approximately £650,000 in exchange for spiritual healing and promised fortune.

Now it is revealed he left a trail of victims on American soil during the 1990s which includes 34 Canadians taking $1.2 million or approximately £650,000 and in America allegedly taking $4 or 6 million from dozens of ‘believers’.

US media have revealed that four states received fraud allegations against Ashrafi, the fraudster along with an untraced accomplice duped people across California, Texas, New Jersey and Illinois. His victims claim they handed over approximately $6 million from 1997 onwards.

Canadian authorities are attempting to extradite the 50-year-old conman to face trial for fraud. It is unknown whether US authorities intend to do the same.

Ashrifi went under the name of Kamal-Ji and used magic tricks into order to dupe people into believing his healer status. Now many other suspects are under investigation by Leicestershire police and Trading Standards. These “healers” normally advertise their skills in foreign newspapers, with business cards through the letter box or left on car windshields.

Their promised services include healing broken marriages, eradicating financial problems, lifting curses and even curing diseases such as cancer or HIV.


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