Eye Camp 2015


Sikh Union Seek to Raise Medical Awareness of Eye Care

The Sikh Union originally started out as a hockey club in the late 60’s as the arrival of Asians from East Africa in Britain began to grow along with their passion for the sport. In 1980 the club affiliated with the Hockey Association and began to play League Hockey. Since then the club has been recognised as an established sports club who run a youth programme for young players and support charitable causes.

The Sikh Union set off on their 6th annual Eye Camp this March 2015. The purpose of these Eye Camps is to increase medical awareness and make health and eye care available to those that can’t afford it.Sikh Union started the first camp in 2009 in Phillaur and has since been held every year since in various locations within Punjab from Nurmahal, last year.

With the support of Lodge Devon the Sikh Union has been able to use the facilities at their Masonic hall in Jhalandar.

Dr Jacob Prabhakar is the ophthalmologist who performs the cataract surgery at the Sikh Union eye camps in the Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital, Jalandhar.

India has one of the world’s highest eye care cases. Over the years Sikh Union have helped thousands of villagers restore healthy eye conditions from correcting squints, cataracts and vision.

With the support of local Coventry residents, families, friends, Sikh Union volunteers and allied team members from Northampton Punjabi Association, this March the 6th camp will be taking place in Jalandhar, Punjab once again.


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