Bogus Promises


Arrest of Scam Artist Spiritual Healer not an Isolated Incident

A bogus faith healer Mohammed Ashrafi convinced people he could help them win the lottery as long as they give him tens of thousands of pounds. The 50-year-old was jailed for nine years after he was convicted of 15 offences of fraud and one of blackmail.

Ashrifi went under the name of Kamal-Ji and used magic tricks into order to dupe people into believing his healer status. Now many other suspects are under investigation by Leicestershire police and Trading Standards. These “healers” normally advertise their skills in foreign newspapers, with business cards through the letter box or left on car windshields. Their promised services include healing broken marriages, eradicating financial problems, lifting curses and even curing diseases such as cancer or HIV.

Inspector Ben Gillard, commander of the East Area Neighbourhood policing area said, “I am sure there are other people out there who were either victims of this man or of similar con-men.

“Those people may be reluctant to come forward to tell us what has happened to them.

“People like Ashrafi rely on people’s reluctance to speak out because it allows them to continue exploiting people.

He goes on to advice people to turn to organisations such as Citizen’s Advice Bureau, local GPs and counselling services if they need help with money, relationship or legal problems.

Gillard stated it is, “very important that family members, friends and community leaders – people who are trusted – intervene and advise individuals against getting involved and also report these matters to the police, Crimestoppers, Trading Standards or Action Fraud.”


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