Gender-Selective Abortion Allegation


Private Criminal Case Launched Against Doctor

In a rare move, a pro-life human rights campaigner has won a legal battle to prosecute a doctor of trying to offer a gender-selective abortion.


Aisling Hubert, 21 from Brighton, is being backed by the Christian Legal Centre, and was forced to launch the case against Birmingham-based Dr Palaniappan Rajmohan after the Crown Prosecution Service ruled a ‘prosecution was not in the public interest.’


Unaware that he was being filmed by a national newspaper, it is alleged that whilst working at the Calthorpe Clinic in Edgbaston, Dr Rajmohan offered a woman patient a termination on the basis she was carrying a girl.



Accused of conspiracy to procure poison to be used with intent to procure abortion, contrary to section 59 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861, Dr Rajmohan is being prosecuted after Birmingham Magistrates Court allowed the case to proceed.



According to the Christian Legal Centre, they exist to “defend Christians in the public sphere and protect the freedom of Christians to live their lives in accordance with their Christian beliefs”.


Chief executive, Andrea Minichiello Williams said, “There has been public outcry over revelations of gender-abortion in the UK but no official action has been taken against the doctors.


“We are proud to stand with Ms Hubert as she battles for justice for unborn children and shames those who should have done so.”


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