Jailed For Reckless Driving


Teen hits 81mph in 4×4, kills “extraordinary” grandfather

A Birmingham teen caused a fatal collision when he ‘floored’ a £105,000 Range Rover, hitting speeds of 81mph on city streets.

Kirpal Singh Sokhi, 19, smashed the 4×4 into 59-year-old victim Stephen Beckett’s car in Bills Lane, Shirley on August 17 last year, killing the “extraordinary” grandfather, who had been just two days away from his 60th birthday, and leaving his nine-year-old passenger seriously injured.


Birmingham Crown Court heard Sokhi had kept the accelerator pedal to the floor, ignoring speed humps on Bills Lane, and that a crash was inevitable due to the high speeds and irresponsible driving.

Judge Michael Burbidge QC said: “You decided I am sure to put it through its paces, foot to the floor with inevitable consequence of massive speed.

“You reached speeds of 80mph.

“It was a relatively short journey but was bound to have devastating consequences.

“You did not intend to kill anyone and you did not intend to injure anyone but that was the inevitable consequence of your foolhardy act.

“No sentence I can pass can bring Stephen Beckett back to his family, no sentence I can pass can represent the taking of a life.”

The teenager pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving, causing serious injury by dangerous driving and driving without any insurance and has been sentenced to five years.


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