Terror Suspect Rearrested


One of Seven Suspects of 2008 Mumbai Attacks is Back in Jail

Chances of freedom have been dashed as a prime suspect in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, has been rearrested by police. The 2008 incident consisted of shootings and bomb attacks across a course of four days in Mumbai, 166 people were killed and relations between India and Pakistan were seriously damaged.

At first the judge granted Lakhvi bail and his release was feared by the public, however he was arrested again on another case. Lakhvi appeared in court in Islamabad surrounded by tough security, he reportedly accepted whatever God intended for him.

Police inspector Mohammed Arshad informed the court that he received a complaint Lakhvi had abducted someone’s brother-in-law six-and-a-half years ago for “jihad”. The judge allowed investigation into the matter, extending Lakhvi’s detention for a further two days. Lakhvi’s legal team asked why the complaint was revealed before Lakhvi’s imminent bail, Lakhvi’s lawyer Rizwan Abbasi claimed it was a tactic to, “deprive my client of the fundamental right of liberty”.

Lakhvi was granted bail by the judge citing lack of evidence, the decision was blasted by the Indian public who argued not enough was being done to crack down on the attackers. This case coincides with the Pakistani government’s decision to deal harshly with extremists following the Peshawar school shooting.

After the bail announcement Pakistani legal powers tried desperately to keep Lakhvi in prison, however the judge saw no grounds to prolong his detention and bail was to be set.

The Pakistani media reported that senior officials met to discuss the case and Lakhvi was rearrested the following morning.


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