Australia Terror Level Raised


Australian PM Announces “Heightened Level of Terror Chatter” Since Sydney Siege

PM Tony Abbott claimed the terrorist threat level would remain at “high” but not “extreme”. Mr. Abbott and the National Security Committee met to discuss this development.

Recently memorials were held for the two hostages killed by a gunman during the siege. Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson were shot by Man Haron Monis at the end of a 16 hour incident at Lindt cafe in Martin Place.

Mr. Abbott said he had received a briefing from security agencies revealing there was a, “a heightened level of chatter amongst people who we would normally think of as terrorist sympathisers”.

“We don’t know when and how an attack may come, but we do know there are people with the intent and the capability to carry out further attacks.”

However Mr Abbott said the level of Australia’s National Terrorism Public Alert System would not be heightened.

“I am alerting people to the fact that the terror threat remains high and as you all understand, at this level, an attack is likely,” he said.


“That’s why it’s important that people remain alert and aware, as well as reassured that our police and security agencies are doing everything they humanly can to keep us safe.”

The threat level was raised after concerns of Australian citizens returning after fighting for Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq, including those supporting extremist groups within the country.


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