Multitalented Dancing Duo Talk to The Asian Today

After their recent win at the Asian Wedding Awards, Bollywood ,kathak and bharathnatyam fusing dancing pair Aashana and Sonalia, have had an incredible year. They spoke to The Asian Today.

Congratulations on your recent win at the 2014 Asian Wedding Awards for Entertainers of the Year, one of many awards. Looking back, how has 2014 been?

2014 has been an extremely busy year for us both in dance and education, as well as our continual commitment to charity work as well as sharing the stage with some of Bollywood’s finest we have also been privileged enough to perform in India in front of some of their most prestigious diplomats.

The ongoing 1 to 1 classes we run for brides and grooms, classes for wedding parties as well as other functions all tailored to the requests of the clients has proved to be not just successful but also extremely rewarding in terms of seeing the end result on the day. Education wise we have had to knuckle down as it is our final college year as well as decide on a career path and apply to university for which we are currently awaiting acceptances for,

Which award means the most?

All of our awards hold a special place for us for different reasons, it is therefore impossible to pick out any one award.

For those who don’t know, what is SonAash about?

SonAash is about supporting the less fortunate and bringing a smile to the face of many whilst providing the inspiration to chase your dreams without undermining your beliefs. Bollywood today has strived continuously to become more western as displayed by the dance moves and costumes made with very little material, SonAash pride themselves in maintaining the traditional values of dress and dance styles of

Bollywood showing that dance and dress do not need to be compromised in order to perform to the latest Bollywood tracks.

What has been your favourite memory of the SonAash journey?

Judging and performing at the exceed schools talent awards. Here we had the opportunity to provide a living breathing display of living your dream for all the children at the awards. The delight on their faces when we arrived, their enthusiasm and countless questions followed by their awe when we performed was amazing. Being able to touch a persons life and provide inspiration for their dreams in such a manner is truly the most valuable and memorable experience.

You recently applied to appear on Britain’s Got Talent. What do you hope to gain?

BGT will hopefully give us the opportunity to display the beautiful culture and exuberant dance routines that are part and parcel of Asian culture especially during a time when the majority of Asian publicity in the media is purely negative. With God’s grace we hope to show this live on National TV.

How did the audition go?

We have got through the first round so now we will have to wait and see.

What does 2015 hold for SonAash?

Besides being given the opportunity to perform in Mauritius in July 2015 it will see SonAash continue their journey as always fraught with many twists and turns whilst balancing education, dance and our personal lives. Our aim is to continue providing smiles for the many and inspiration for those who seek it whilst taking our culture and dance to the many different cultures we have in the hope of creating greater inclusivity within society.


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