Disgraced Cop Admits Further Offences


The former police officer had already been jailed for sex and drugs crimes

A Birmingham-based ex-policeman who had been jailed for his participation in a sex and drugs trade worth over £1 million has admitted to a further three offences.

Osman Iqbal, 36, who was fired by West Midlands Police two months prior to being sent to prison, was sentenced in September to seven years and two months behind bars due to the “leading role” he played in an underworld cartel.

A judge said the ex-cop had also played a part in running two brothels where customers were also supplied with cocaine. These clandestine ventures, alongside controlling £300-an-hour call girls based in London’s West End, made a sum exceeding £1 million which he helped to launder.

Iqbal, who pleaded guilty to conspiring to assist in managing brothels in 2012, conspiring to supply cocaine as well as money laundering, has now admitted to three additional charges of misconduct in public office at Warwick Crown Court, offences linked to attempting without authorisation to access police intelligence systems.

In January 2012 the disgraced police officer attempted to view a log but his access was denied due to his rank as a PC.

The log in question concerned a woman who had fled with her children from her husband. Stephen Linehan QC, prosecuting, said that Iqbal had been contacted to attempt to find the woman’s location at her husband’s request.

He also accessed West Midlands Police’s secure intelligence system in June of the same year to view information concerning his cousin Talib Hussain, 34, who received eight years and four months jail time after admitting to offences related to brothels and drugs.

A month later he gave an image of a document concerning a police operation codenamed Piranha to Hussain, the ringleader of the organised crime group in which Iqbal is said to have been his right-hand man.

Sentencing has been adjourned by Judge Sylvia de Bertodano until two other men who were said to have been involved in the offences have also stood trial.


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