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Author and Businessman Talks About His Journey

Amit Kainth is a highly successful young entrepreneur, Asian business man and Author who made a mark in the recruitment industry by setting up and developing one of the fastest growing recruitment companies in the UK.  A perfectionist by nature and driven by a passion to succeed, Amit began his business career at the tender age of 25 when he invested into a recruitment agency franchise.

Very quickly Amit achieved stupendous success, becoming a millionaire in a short span of less than 2 years.  As with most companies associated with the finance industry, Amit too felt the pinch of the financial crisis leaving him in a state of huge business loss affecting his personal life and health. However, undeterred by the economic crisis Amit was determined to regain all that he had achieved and started from scratch with the formation of Pearson Anderson Ltd, a recruitment company specialising in the healthcare industry.

Now at the age of 35, with the hindsight of experience fuelled by a new way of spiritual living, Amit has successfully recreated himself and grown to unimaginable heights both as a human being and business man.  His company Pearson Anderson, in less than 4 years is turning over eight times more business than his previous company and continues to grow from strength to strength.  This year Pearson Anderson will be floated on the market as a PLC creating a significant number of jobs for local people. As an expression of gratitude for all that he has learnt and received, Amit has launched his writing career by essaying his formula for success in his book ‘The Gift – Seven Laws to Success’.

He spoke to The Asian Today about his book and philosophy.

Tell me about the book?

God has given you life on earth which is a Gift. He wants you to live your life by these 7 laws and in return you will become The Gift to God.

‘The Gift’ is a set of 7 laws, all with a transcendent foundation, that once understood and used together in daily life situations, will take us to where we want to be.

I am here to teach that no matter what religion you have, what culture you come from, or what beliefs you may believe in; there is a common power source to all of us that many have experienced, others question, and a few refuse altogether. To excel and be successful in any areas of our lives, whether in love relationships, work/business, family dynamics, etc.; we will have to open our eyes to what happens around us on a daily basis, and understand that there is something very powerful above our ‘simple’ human dimension that leads the way and forms our destiny – this power source, divine power, energy, God, Father, Lord; whatever name you want to give it, is behind you and inside you, and it rules interactions among people, animals, nature and every living thing on earth.

The Gift shows you how to attach yourself to this power allowing you to reach your real true heights on this physical plane we call earth.

Why you felt you had to write the book?

In 2010 when I came out of hospital I began to question my life, who gave me the wealth in the first place, who took the wealth away from me, why was I ill, who saved my life, who was in control and who was pulling my strings. I wanted answers and demanded answers and wanted to know the truth.

I then began to read spiritual scriptures and I found that all they had common practices and so I implemented into them into my life. Once I adopted these laws I found that I made my success back in the third of the time it took me the first time round but this time I was more happy and content.

Once I found that these laws actually worked, I then began to put pen to paper and wrote the book and wanted to share this with the rest of the world.

Your future plans?

I am currently producing a show called Amit Kainth – Get Closer to the truth which will be broadcasted early 2015.

Also in 2015 I am will launch Great Kingdom Palace. This is a retreat where people can come to relax and detox. This will be a hotel, spa with a lot of open ground meadows to sit and enjoy the beauty and reflect on life. As well as staying and enjoying the luxuries of the 5 star hotel, our objective here  is to give our guests the meaning and purpose of life. You can log onto and register your interest and you will get an email for our opening date.

There will be spiritual talks and motivational workshops for self development from professionals all over the world showing our guests the truth about this physical plane we call earth.

And lastly I will be launching in 2015 my second book called Great Planes Above. This book is about why we are here, what is our purpose, what will happen when we die, how to live a balanced life and talks about how to tackle constant frustrations of life.


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