Acid Attack Trial


The victim of an ex-lover’s acid attack speaks out in court

Tividale local Vikki Horsman gives her testimony in court over a vicious acid attack she previously endured. Horsman, aged 20, recalls how she “peeked around the corner of the porch door” to see a hooded man wearing a bandana across his face who then threw acid at her.

Three men are now on trial over the attack in Wolverhampton Crown Court.

 Horsman described how she was left “screaming” after the incident at a house in MacDonald Close, Tividale. In pain she immediately ran to wash her blistering face and neck with cold water.

She described her relationship with accused 80-year-old Mohammed Rafiq with whom she had been sleeping with since the age of 18. Having known him for six years Rafiq began to grow very controlling and constantly accused her of cheating. Horsman was also put under pressure to convert to Islam and change her name to Aleena Rafiq.

Prosecutor Anthony Warner asked if she had converted willingly and Horsman replied, “not particularly”.

The accusations of cheating continued and after Rafiq was caught looking through the victim’s belongings, she chose to end the relationship.

Warner asked how Rafiq took the news and she explained, “He got very angry. He still thought we were in a relationship even though I had ended things.”

On the night of the attack she and Rafiq were at a friend’s house when there was a knock at the door, Rafiq told Horsman there was “a man for you”. After opening the door she saw the hooded assailant who simply said “Vikki” and threw the substance on her.

Present during the proceedings, Rafiq has denied inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent to harm Horsman.

Also standing accused were 23-year-old Shannon Heaps and 25-year-old Steven Holmes, who is said to have carried out the acid attack on that day.

The trial continues.


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