Sparkbrook mother joins ISIS


Mother reportedly travels to Syria with her 14-month-old son to join ISIS

Hailing from Sparkbrook, Tareena Shakil is said to have traveled to Turkey and then crossed into Syria. She had told family she was going to Spain.

The mother reportedly committed to the group after a four month period and has told family she is in the group’s stronghold called Raqqa, with her son Zaheem.

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said, “A 25-year-old woman from Sparkbrook was reported missing by a member of her family on October 24.

“We have since been working to establish the woman’s whereabouts and that she is safe and well.”

According to her father Mohammed, Tareena loved the Spice Girls and reality TV. The concerned parent released a statement saying,


“We brought Tareena up in a Western environment, while respecting the culture of Islam, and hoped that she would take the best of both worlds.

“I, myself, have made mistakes in the past but it never affected that close, deep bond that exists in special father-and-his-daughter relationships.

“Like any father, I just want the best for my daughter.

“We want her to know how much we love her and want her back safely as soon as possible.”

The town of Raqqa is reportedly where British female Jihadists are forming a strong militant body that punish “un-Islamic” behaviour.

Tareena herself revealed to her family the difficulty in travelling to the war torn country, “so many people died coming. They got shot at the border. But we made it. We ran across the border.”

This is one of many growing cases of women travelling to Syria to fight alongside the militant group or become ‘Jihadi brides’. Researchers estimate that almost 50 British women have fled to Syria and Iraq.


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