Teacher’s plan to join ISIS


A science teacher from Sharples High School has confessed plans to join ISIS

30-year-old Jamshed Javeed, was ready to leave for the war torn country when he was arrested by police in December.

Police state Javeed, of Levenshulme, Manchester, was part of a larger network of local British people who wished to travel to Syria and fight for ISIS.

Javeed paid £1,400 into his brother Mohammed’s bank account, £1,100 of which would be used to fund travel to Syria.

Police also reveal he supported the travel of four more individuals between September and November of last year.

Javeed stated in his plea he, “has never supported, and does not support, the aims of Isis as now revealed and understood.”

He also said he does not endorse forcing non-Muslims to convert to Islam, suicide bombings, or the execution of hostages such as aid worker Alan Henning, who was beheaded earlier this month.

Javeed revealed to the court how he wanted to join rebel groups fighting the “vicious” regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

He states he does not have an “extremist” mindset and even planned to continue his teaching career on returning to the UK, the court heard.

He was suspended by Sharples after being arrested in January, after police had launched an investigation into him and his accomplices.

Sharples headteacher Mrs Quesnel said, “It came as a huge shock to be informed by the police that they had arrested a member of staff.

“We acted on the advice of the local authority and the police and suspended the individual.

“This was a neutral act pending a police investigation, and in line with the council’s HR procedures.

“There was no evidence whatsoever to link any criminal activity to our school or the wider community and no evidence to suggest that any pupils, staff or the wider community were under any kind of threat.

“We would like to reassure all our stakeholders that this was an isolated incident, involving one individual, and is in no way a reflection on Sharples School.”

There has been no evidence he tried to radicalise pupils from the school.

Charges against him carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Last year his family noted a change in his behaviour which was leaning towards a more radical line of thinking.

He purchased equipment for himself and ISIS fighters to use once he arrived in Syria. His concerned family including pregnant wife pleaded with him not to go, even hiding his passport. But the father of two was committed to go and applied for a new passport.

Tony Mole, head of the North West’s counter-terrorism unit, said, “What we have seen here is very interesting because somebody who has led a normal, quiet family life, a school teacher, has now pleaded guilty to two serious offences involving the preparation of himself and others for terrorist offences.

“It appears that he has got together with a group who have been determined to go out to Syria and fight.

“Despite efforts from his family who were clearly determined to stop him travelling to Syria, he was determined to go.”

He added, “My key point is that the earlier we can intervene the better.

“We have got trained people. It is about communities being aware of people that might be showing signs of going out to meet terrorists.

“Anybody who goes out to fight with ISIS could potentially be a serious danger to communities if they return.

Neighbours said Javeed’s family have lived in Cringle Road for many years.

A neighbour who knew Javeed said, “With him being a teacher, you just do not expect it. He is not what you think of as a terrorist at all.

“It’s difficult to understand how he was able to fund something like that and pay for others to go?

“It seems you can’t reason with people when they develop these beliefs.”

Javeed will be sentenced in Woolwich Crown Court on December 12.


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