Dewani escort gives testimony


A gay male escort hired by Shrien Dewani has revealed their encounters in court.

43-year-old Leipold Leisser detailed how Dewani was the “first ever client” he allowed to stay in his home. Leisser stated to Western Cape High Court in Cape Town, South Africa how Dewani asked him to “sleep over” after their meetings.

Prosecutor Adrian Mopp added that the millionaire businessman told Leisser about his engagement to Anni and how he could not find a way to escape this arrangement without being disowned by his family.

Defendant Shrien Dewani has been accused of arranging to murder his wife Anni Dewani whilst on honeymoon in Cape Town, South Africa. He has denied all charges although has admitted to being bi-sexual.

It was told that Dewani and Leisser engaged in their encounters on September 18th 2009, February 4th 2010, and 17th April 2010. Mr Leisser told the court that he had a private profile on gay fetish website and then created a commercial website for himself under the name Gay Master One in 2009. He specialises in role play, S & M, and fetishes.

At the first and second meeting Dewani slept over at the escort’s home, “It was unusual and in fact, he was the first ever client I allowed to stay at my home. He asked me to sleep over.” Mr Leisser said.

Before Leisser could go into detail of their sessions together he was stopped by Dewani’s legal team who claimed this information was irrelevant. Judge Jeanette Traverso agreed to this and asked for a detailed argument outlining why this evidence was needed.

This is not the first time the judge has refused details from the prosecution regarding Dewani’s private life including his bisexuality.

The trial continues.


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