Asian gold robberies


As Diwali approaches police warn of impending gold thefts

People celebrating Diwali have been warned by police of thieves who target local Asian communities. These criminals operate in gangs and normally steal gold jewellery from Hindu communities, Metropolitan Police warns.

Intelligence analysis reveals that these gangs aim for family jewellery which predominantly affects South Asian communities. Elderly people are commonly attacked in distraction burgularies.

Detective Chief Inspector Jane Corrigan is the Met lead for Operation Nugget, which cracks down on gold thefts. She has outlined several ways to evade these robberies, firstly to try to leave gold jewellery at home in a secure safe and if wearing it outside, to cover it fully.

People are also encouraged to use invisible traceable liquids on their adornments which can be read under ultraviolet light to help them discover the source of stolen items.

She added, “Gold will continue to be highly desired by criminals due to the speed and anonymity with which it can currently be exchanged for large sums of cash.”


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