Prayers To Heal


Mita Mystry Advises Us To Say A Little Prayer, Mantra or Positive Affirmation

Prayers and mantras have been around for centuries in almost every culture and religion across the globe. They can be incredibly powerful as the words link intention, thought and action to manifest healing within and the world around us. Today, many people and businesses have taken up the practice of repeating mantras or positive affirmations to keep calm, de-stress and to focus the mind for enhanced performance.

Mantras originate from the Sanskrit language and are rooted in religious philosophy. The well-known mantra Om Namah Shivaya is believed to govern the first five chakras and the five elements, water, earth, fire, water, wood. Since the balance of these energy centres impacts health and wellbeing, the vibration made from chanting this mantra over and over can help promote healing and balance. Affirmations work on a similar concept, by repeating a positive word or phrase can alter a person’s state of mind.

The mind is very powerful and we know that we are influenced by what people say to us. For example, when we are told we look ill or tired, we may not feel good about it and question if we are well. The mind absorbs negative energy. Contrary to this being told we look well, healthy or happy, triggers feelings of wellbeing. In the same way reaffirming positive messages to ourselves can be extremely powerful in achieving a state of wellbeing. It is our sole responsibility to decide what we want for ourselves and then work towards making that a reality.

Practicing daily positive affirmations or mantras can have many benefits. By releasing negative baggage and energy, we are able to feel relaxed, content and calm which also helps reduce stress levels and increase wellbeing. This also enables you to more effectively overcome stress.

We all beat ourselves up at some point for making mistakes, not being good enough, regretting decisions, this is how it “should be”, “why me”, and some of us carry this baggage around in our minds for years, preventing us moving forward in life. Positive affirmations and mantras are powerful catalysts that transform our mind and help us to uncover peace, contentment and to embrace life in the present moment.

The following are affirmations that can be used to help promote healing and wellbeing, you can create your own too.

“I have everything it takes to heal completely.”

“It is safe for me to let go of all worry and fear.”

“The more I let go, the healthier I am.”

“I am healthy, strong and my energy and vitality are increasing daily.”

“I am grateful for my life. I’m grateful that I’m alive today at this moment.”

Try repeating what resonates with you daily and see the difference over a few weeks.


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