Sister’s Regret Over Honeymoon Couple Murder


Ami Denborg Regrets Not Stopping Her Sister Anni Dewani’s Marriage

“Looking back, I should have told her to break it off. If I had, maybe she would be alive today.” Ami Denborg expresses her regret over not stopping her sister Anni Dewani’s marriage before it was too late.

Anni Dewani was kidnapped and killed on her honeymoon four years ago in Cape Town South Africa. Her husband Shrien Dewani has been accused of hiring a hitman to carry out the murder.

Ami states there were problems before the wedding, where Anni even threw her wedding ring at Shrien three weeks before the day. “She called me, I talked to her a lot that evening. She was saying a lot of things. ‘It’s not working well’, and things like that.

“I thought she was just stressed out…I should have told her ‘All right, forget it, I’ll support you, break this off.’”

Anni’s parents have asked for closure over their daughter’s death. Father Vinod Hindocha said “We really hope we get to know what happened to Anni. That’s all we are asking for.

“Shrien, tell us the truth, tell us what’s happened. You were there.

“Anni had no right to die the way she did. This is not acceptable, the way she left us.”

The family plan to travel to Cape Town for the trial which starts on Monday 6th.

Mother Nilam Hindocha heard similar concerns from Anni “I felt there was something strange. She said: ‘I have a lot to tell you, I’ll tell you when I’m back in Bristol.’”

Shrien Dewani claimed the couple were kidnapped in their taxi at gunpoint when driving through Gugulethu town. He was then released as Anni was driven away with the criminals. Her body was found with a gunshot wound to the neck the next day.

Anni’s mother hopes the trial will reveal answers “They say time will heal the wounds, but they get deeper and deeper. Let’s hope we get justice and we can move ahead with our lives.”


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