Event Organised to Raise Money for Charity

In 2013, a group of Northampton residents teamed together to form the Punjabi social club, Northampton Punjabi Association. NPA started out as a social concept amongst friends in the community as a chance for locals to come together and share common interests within the small Punjabi community based in the rural market town of Northamptonshire. The local group integrate in celebration of the Punjabi culture by hosting events to raise money for worthy causes where they can ensure that maximum funds are donated to charity.


NPA held their first event in April 2013 to fundraise for the Eye Camp Appeal in Jalandhar which gained a huge amount of support within the community. Pummie Matharu and his daughter, Amrit Matharu travelled to India at their own expense on behalf of NPA, alongside Sikh Union Coventry on the Eye Camp charity mission. A significant difference to this charity cause compared to others is that this mission is completely carried out by Sikh Union and their overseas partners in Jalandhar. NPA assisted Sikh Union over the week in India with the support of Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara Mission, Lodge Devon and Surgeon Jacob who lead the medical team at Ruby Nelson Hospital. Several hundred people received general healthcare, medical checks and glasses. Over 250 people who could not have afforded treatment otherwise, received cataract operations.


Earlier this year, a second event in April raised over £1000 for a number of charities. The NPA donated £550 to Teenage Cancer Trust, sadly weeks before the death of charity activist, Steven Sutton was announced. A further £300 was donated towards the annual Sikh Union Eye Camp Appeal, £100 to Khalsa Aid and a following £100 to Sikh Awareness Society. The Northampton Punjabi Association hope to keep this charitable momentum going to host more events to raise funds for worthy causes such as these.


Amrit tells The Asian Today “as a society we lust for lavish lifestyles and constantly aim for the better things in life. Though this is an inevitable social trend followed by us all, the Northampton Punjabi Association is all about taking a moment from our comfortable lifestyles to appreciate everything we have and find a way to continue our way of life but at the same time, try to benefit others who are less fortunate than ourselves”.


NPA’s next event is to be held on 8 November 2014. All members of the community are kindly invited to join in to put the fun into fundraising. To keep up to date with NPA’s latest movements, event info and how to become a member, see www.facebook.com/NPAcommunity and follow @NPA_community on Twitter and Instagram.


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