Unique Home For Girls Celebrates Birthday


Charity Welcomes Worldwide Festivities

Imagine being born into a family that does not want you. That abandons you both physically and emotionally without a second thought. Dumped, neglected and cast off for being a girl. Is there a reason to be cheerful in this situation? There is when an angel in form of Unique Home for Girls embraces you.

Located in the heart of Punjab and established in 1993 by Parkash Kaur, who had been abandoned herself, the home caters to give girls back their lives through education and most importantly, love. “I see these children as mine. They are not abandoned and are never made to feel that they were abandoned. Seeing the smile on their face fills my heart with joy,” Parkash says.

The biggest evil amongst the situation these girls face is that there is no trace of who they are – no name and no date of birth. Deciding that these girls should not feel left out and neglected anymore than they have, the woman who has become to these girls organises a special event each year for them.

Every year, on April 24th, Parkash organises an ‘Annual Birthday’ in dedication to all her daughters, and everyone is invited. Exceptionally, thousands of admirers of the home celebrate the festivities throughout the world. This year, organisers of the event asked followers send in a photograph of themselves celebrating the girls’ birthdays, and in true form, photographs were sent in from every corner of the world.

On why she was celebrating, trustee for UK Friends of Unique Home, Rupinder Kaur, said, “On 24th April every year, Unique Home celebrates the girls’ birthdays with a huge celebration – its Bibi Ji’s way of showing the girls they all count and their birthdays do matter. We wanted the supporters of the Home to join in the celebrations by having cake and showing our collective love and support for the girls and the life changing work Unique Home does. It was a simple idea that captured the spirit of many. We had photos from India, Hong Kong, Norway, USA and Canada and of course the UK. We are grateful to all for taking the time to celebrate Unique Home girls’ birthdays!”


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