Mothers Banned from Competing in Competition


Former Winner Blasts Organisers

A Birmingham competition has come under fire from the city’s leading beauty queen after banning young mothers from competing.


Kris’ina Jagpal, who won the Miss Birmingham final in 2012, has branded organisers ‘old fashioned.’ She was joined by fellow former winner Annette Edwards who has had six kids at the time she won.


Kris’ina said, “You can still be a mother and part of something big. It is old fashioned. It is a new age and everyone should be given a new opportunity. I would definitely like to see it changed. Miss Great Britain is completely different – you’re allowed to have children.”


Whilst Annette said, “I think it’s stupid, absolutely crazy. Whether contestants are married or single mums, it should make no difference. Times have changed and the rules should show that. ’d had six children by the time I was crowned Miss Birmingham. Whether you’ve had kids doesn’t matter. The only things that should matter are looks and personality.”


Organisers of the Miss Birmingham 2014 event said, “Everyone thinks we’re the bad guys, but it’s not our rule. It’s there for the children’s welfare. If you win Miss World, you spend a year travelling the world. It’s a job – you are paid to be a global ambassador. Organisers don’t want to take a mother away from her children for a whole year.


Two of the seven criteria’s are, women can only enter if they have:


– Never given birth to a child.


– Never been through any ceremony, either valid or invalid and whether civil, religious or tribal, which is recognised as a marriage ceremony in any part of the world.”


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