Walsall Takeaway Driver Murder


Family and Police Mark One-Year Anniversary

A year on from the murder of a Walsall takeaway driver and detectives continuing to investigate the father of two’s death have renewed their appeal for information, together with his grieving wife.


Yasar Abbas was attacked at around 12.20am on April 13 by masked ambushers outside an address in the Alumwell area of Walsall where he was lured with a bogus takeaway order.

Mr Abbas − whose partner was expecting a child at the time of his death − died from head injuries inflicted by a “heavy bladed weapon”, a post mortem concluded, in what police understand to have been a planned, premeditated attack.

Investigating officers have made good progress on the case − nine people have been arrested in the last 12 months and all remain on police bail while enquiries continue.

Lead officer, Detective Inspector Gary Plant, said: “A year has passed since Yasar died and we continue to investigate his murder.

“His anniversary is a particularly difficult time for Yasar’s wife and her young sons. Her youngest son is approaching his first birthday following his birth on the day of Yasar’s funeral last year.

“We remain hopeful that someone will come forward with information about Mr Abbas’ killers to help us put them behind bars.

“Yasar was a well-liked, popular member of the community − literally thousands of people turned out for his funeral. I’d urge anyone with information to contact Crimestoppers and help us get justice for his family.”

Mr Abbas was attacked whilst delivering a Chinese takeaway in Madison Avenue − an address understood to have been given by the killers who had planned a trap for the 28-year-old.

He died days later in Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital following three operations to try and relieve swelling around his brain.

Yasar’s wife, Shabnam Bi, said: “Everyone talks about how quick a year has gone by since my husband’s death but for me and our children this year has gone by so slowly and painfully. It seems like we have not had him around for such a long time. I just wish we could get some peace of mind by knowing his murderers are locked up.

“It has been so awful for me and our two children and the worst thing is that our four-year-old to this day doesn’t know his father has passed away as he is too young to understand how people can be so evil and take someone’s life like that.

“Our youngest child, who is turning one year, didn’t even see his father and he will have to live with the pain for the rest of his life knowing his dad was buried on the same day that he was born. The only thing that would make it a bit easier for us is if we get justice for my husband’s death. There has not been a day where we haven’t thought about him.

“My four year old is so distressed he keeps asking me when his Daddy is coming back home and he has been excited about his birthday coming up as he thinks his dad will come back for it. What makes it all worse is that the people who have made us suffer so much are still out there.

“Nothing can bring my husband and our children’s father back but knowing that the people who did this to me and our children are getting punished will make life a lot easier for us.”

Police believe the offenders arrived at the scene in a dark-coloured car that was parked in nearby Rippon Road and left immediately after the attack. A blue 62-plate BMW 5-series was also seen in the area earlier that night and is of interest to the inquiry.

Yasar’s brother-in-Law, Aftab Hussain, said his family desperately wanted the killers brought to justice, adding: “We’re all in limbo at the moment… our lives are at a standstill. This hasn’t just affected a handful of people: we’ve lost a dad, a son, a nephew and the community has lost a friend and good neighbour. Yasar was a kind, polite man, got on great with youngsters around here and respected his elders − we can’t understand why he’s been attacked.”


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