Wishful Smiles Celebrate ‘Empowered Women’


Also Celebrated One Year Anniversary At House of Commons

Wishful Smiles supported by Barry Gardiner MP, marked their one year anniversary by hosting ‘Empowered Women’ at the House of Commons. ‘Empowered Women’ is all about celebrating the successes, achievements and strength of women that are constantly contributing to society.


The event took place at the House of Commons on Thursday 10th April 2014, with a panel of publically recognised keynote speakers. The panel consisted of Sunny Hundal a Journalist, writer and lecturer; Prof Kieran Clarke of Oxford University; Nishma Gosrani a director at Deloitte: Jenny Okafor the President of the Nigerian Women in Diaspora Forum; Lorna Ponti the founder of Lunch4Life; Chandni Kalyanji a sports and communications specialist at Play for Change Foundation; Dr Esther Becker of Oxford University; Prabhmeet Singh, a Chartered Accountant and leadership coach; and Mandy Sanghera, a human rights activist. Each spoke about female empowerment, their own experiences and struggles, who are all widely recognised as overachievers and largely influential in their respective fields. The evening also consisted of a panel discussion whereby guests had the opportunity to interact with the speakers. 


Barry Gardiner, MP for Brent North, said: This event has bought together a number of influential and inspirational women from all walks of life to recognise their achievements and success. It will also provide a forum for discussion on future initiatives to empower women both here and abroad.”


Tia Jounija, founder of Wishful Smiles, said: It’s very important that we never stop celebrating women. Throughout history women have fought for equality and we continue to do so. I’m extremely grateful to Barry Gardiner MP for giving us such an amazing opportunity to be able to host this and celebrate our one year anniversary at the House of Commons.”


Women Empowered groups, professionals and advocates of change were all under one roof to celebrate the success and achievements of women. The event attracted a full house of guests with an equal weighting of men and woman – each one of them left the room feeling inspired and uplifted by the speakers and the vision of the young team of Wishful Smiles.


Wishful Smiles is a London based charity that aims to work with the world’s most disadvantaged and underprivileged communities to combat poverty, famine, social injustice and illiteracy by providing financial, educational and material aid. Wishful Smiles aims to work on international projects and local community projects in order to release hardships. They have successfully launched a campaign called ‘Teacharity’, an initiative to get individuals more actively involved in charity work by introducing this scheme in educational institutes and organisations.


Although just one years old, Wishful smiles undoubtedly have the right vision, passion and team work to spread many smiles across the globe.


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