Trojan Horse Inquiry ‘Must be Tough’


Twelve Schools are Being Investigated by the Department for Education

A local Member of Parliament has urged that any inquiry into alleged allegations that Islamic extremists had been targeting Birmingham schools needs to be thorough and tough.


Khalid Mahmood, MP for Perry Barr made his comments after news emerged of Islamic extremists targeting Birmingham schools trying to oust head teachers and other members of staff, who were non Muslim, through a “dirty trick campaign” who would then be replaced by individuals placed by these extremists who were ‘sympathetic to the hard line view.’


It has also emerged that up to twelve schools are being investigated by the Department for Education and Ofsted along with Birmingham City Council.


Speaking to the Birmingham Mail, Khalid Mahmood said that he wanted a ‘thorough investigation.’ He has also stated that “people running some city schools were Salafis, hard line Muslims, who may be trying to import their views into classrooms and the day to day running of the school. But the majority of kids are Sunni mainstream Muslims. It is an attempt at indoctrination.” 


Amongst the schools that are being investigated and named in the leaked documents include Park View Academy in Alum Rock, Anderton Park School and Oldknow Primary. It is also believed that Park View Academy had already been subjected to two Ofsted inspections this month.


The MP, who also chairs the Tackling Terrorism All Party Parliamentary Group said that he welcomed the investigation and intervention of Ofsted and that action should be taken. “These are state schools, not Islamic. I am very concerned at the way non-Muslim staff have been dealt with and the effect on the children.”


“Council officers were in a difficult position where they either went along with it or were portrayed as anti-Islamic.”


The leaked documents also alleged how an ex head teacher at a Birmingham based school was ousted from his job after an “opposing Muslim governor planned to scrap sex education and allow only Halal food.”


Balwant Bains, was repeatedly undermined when his decisions were constantly being overturned. A source for the Birmingham Mail claims that the ex head teacher of Saltley School was “bullied and intimidated” after clashing with the school’s governing body which ultimately led to him resigning his position last November.  


The source also claims that the respected head had been the target of an offensive text message campaign in which he received anonymous messages branding him a “racist, Islamophobic head teacher.”


The allegations came to light last month after the Birmingham Mail widely reported on leaked documents that clearly showed that Islamic extremists had been targeting Birmingham schools trying to oust head teachers and other members of staff through a “dirty trick campaign.”   


According to these documents once members of staff left their positions, Governors would then place their own people in their positions to “move to Academy status and educate children on strict Islamic principles.”


A spokesman for Ofsted said, “Ofsted can confirm that we are undertaking inspections of these two schools under Section 8 of the 2005 Education Act. This gives Ofsted the power to undertake an inspection where we have concerns about elements of a school or concerns have been raised with us.”

Whilst council leader for Birmingham City Council, Sir Albert Bore, said that because of “fresh concerns from a significant number of people”, the council will increase the number of people on the investigation. Writing in a letter aimed at head teachers, he said, “We owe parents and children clarity and confidence about the highest standards of governance and leadership that we expect, and that they deserve, in our city’s schools.”


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