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Creating Futureproof Music

Since debuting his album in September 2011 The PropheC, aka Neal Chatha, has gone on to claim international credentials. Three years later, Canada’s favourite Punjabi singer is set to release his second album titled Futureproof. The Asian Today caught up with the singer.


  1. Your previous album, Forever, was a major success; what was the inspiration behind it?

I wanted to make an album that would stick out and represent who I am. I felt there was a huge emphasis on traditional elements such as dhol and tumbi. A lot of record labels at the time told me I couldn’t be successful unless I made completely desi music. However, at the end of the day, I made something that was from within. My inspiration came from the need to do something different and not conform to what everyone else was doing.


  1. Did you imagine the response, which you got?

I was completely blown away by the response. At the time I was just a kid in my basement who somehow released an album that people appreciated. After “Forever” I realised I could make a career out my passion.

  1. Your new album, Futureproof, is set to be released how is it different from the previous album?
In my opinion Futureproof is a symbol of my growth as an artist. During “Forever” and “The Dream Room” there was still a lot I didn’t know about mixing and recording. However, when I toured places around Europe and USA, I was fortunate enough to meet a variety of individuals who helped me perfect my sound. Futureproof will be unlike anything people have heard. A new me – A new sound.


  1. Is there any particular single song which are you are proud of?

Every song has a special place but I would say “Sohni” (first release) because that whole project was done with no resources or planning. I was at university and randomly decided to post the track online. Now days, there’s a lot more planning involved in releasing songs.

  1. You have collaborated with many different rappers, which include Raxstar. Who would you love to collaborate with in the future?

I’m open to collaborating with anyone who’s talented and has a good attitude. However my dream collaboration would be with AR. Rahman and Drake. I think that combination would be deadly!



  1. Who are your musical inspirations?

My inspirations range from Hip Hop artists such as Drake, Nas and Jay Z to classical artists such as Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Shiv Kumar Batalvi. I make a point to listen to any type of music I can get my hands on. The more you know the more you can create.


  1. Who are your personal influences?

My biggest role models have been my parents. Coming to the Canada with almost no money and making a living is one of the bravest things ever. They are always there for me and push me to do better in life.


  1. When you are not writing or recording; what do you do in your spare time?

If not writing and recording I’m usually thinking about writing and recording (haha). Whether on tour or in the classroom, music is always on my mind. I also love watching movies.


Quick Fire Questions:


Summer or Winter :                   Summer     

English or Indian Food:             Indian Food

Bollywood or Bhangra:             Bollywood

Adidas or Nike:                           Adidas

Apple or Samsung                      Samsung

Google or Yahoo                        Google

Roti or Rice                                  Rice


Futureproof will be releasing this month.


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