Banker Killed Wife Because He Was Gay


Jasvir Ginday Accused of Killing Varkha Rani

A man from Walsall killed his wife and then proceeded to burn her body in a garden incinerator because “he was gay and could not live a lie” a court has been told.


Jurors at Wolverhampton Crown Court heard how Jasvir Ginday was “driven by the reality of being married” when he killed “lonely and vulnerable” Varkha Rani.


Prosecutor, Debbie Gould, said “The Crown says his marriage was motivated by a desire to please his parents and conceal his homosexuality from them. Over the years the defendant made contact with gay chat lines to discuss his sexuality, he developed a network of gay male friends and he attended gay clubs in the Birmingham area.


The court were told how the couple were introduced in India and were then engaged within hours after meeting each other; however it has emerged that Ginday’s friends did know about his sexual orientation.


Miss Gould asked, “What were his options?”


“Divorce would have to be explained and would reflect badly on him and his family, particularly if the reason was his sexual orientation.


“He could live the lie of marriage to a woman he had no sexual attraction for and reject living as a gay man for the duration of his married life or he had to find another way out.”


The defendant denies murder but admits manslaughter.


The case continues.


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