Adris Launches MEP Campaign


Firm Opposer of European Union

With European elections taking place in May We Demand a Referendum Now Party candidate, Mohammed Adris MBE has launched his election campaign.


Mr Adris travelled to the European Parliament in Brussels to announce his intention and becomes the second candidate on the We Demand a Referendum Now Party’s list for the West Midlands.


European Elections will be held on May 22nd with everyone living in the West Midlands able to vote for them. Currently, MEP Nikki Sinclaire has already worked to defend human rights across the world taking particular interest in the issue of Kashmir and other particular occupied zones.


Both Adris and Sinclaire are opposed to the current European Union membership and both have campaigned for the UK to leave the EU.


Mohammed Adris MBE said,” Yesterday was a fantastic opportunity to launch my MEP campaign in Brussels. I’m a working man who shares your daily experience of striving to make a living to support my family. I am not a professional politician and do firmly believe politicians must serve, listen to and respect the electorate.”


“If elected as an MEP I will report on fraud, corruption and waste in the EU and explain to all why Kashmir deserves its own free and fair referendum to decide its own political future. If you think you have a right to a referendum now, then please don’t follow the herd – follow us and be heard.”


Nikki Sinclaire, MEP said, “Here is a unique opportunity to elect our first Kashmiri MEP to the European Parliament. Andy is in an electable position if the Kashmiri people in the West Midlands support him. We must continue to highlight the horrendous human rights abuses in Kashmir and push those in power to ensure that the referendum that the Kashmiri people were promised happens. In electing Andy the EU will be sent a strong message. I am proud to be able to have Mohammed in such a prominent position on my list. I know that, if elected to the European Parliament, Andy would work just as hard as I have for the West Midlands.”


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