Khalsa Aid Delivered Essential Supplies to Communities

Khalsa Aid an international humanitarian aid charity has deployed and offered assistance to flood victims in Berkshire, UK.

Khalsa Aid attended a community action meeting and are actively helping residents. Khalsa Aid offered to deliver essential supplies to communities worst hit by the disaster. Tonight, the Sikh charity had members working in Wraysbury. Tomorrow, Khalsa Aid will deliver 10 tons of sand to Colnbrook and up to 40 tons to Datchet and Wraysbury.


Bal Kaur Sandhu of Khalsa Aid, who is coordinating the deployment in Berkshire said: “Khalsa Aid are spreading their wings to other parts of the country. We recognise we need to stand shoulder to shoulder with our communities and support them. We will be operating in Datchet, Colnbrook and Wraysbury. We are also appealing for volunteers to assist Khalsa Aid – hands on assistance is needed in all three areas”


Khalsa Aid was the first NGO to provide relief and hands on assistance to areas affected. Since Friday 8 February, Khalsa Aid has been assisting the Somerset region by distributing sand bags, water, antiseptic fluid and other essentials including several dry suits for other community members assisting.


On Monday 10 February, Khalsa Aid volunteers from Bedford, Walsall, Birmingham and Leicester, who recently returned from working in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan, joined Chief Executive Ravi Singh to support the residents of Burrowbridge. The team also rescued animals including Alijanon, a 10 year old tortoise, who weighed 5 stones and is expected to live to over 100 years.


Ravinder Singh from Khalsa Aid, said: “Our volunteers are humbled by the immense support and messages of appreciation. Thank you so much for your love.”


“It is important that people listen to what the experts are saying and follow guidance. Lessons will need to be learned, however now isn’t the time to blame but work as one community – together we will be stronger.”


Khalsa Aid is committed to selfless seva (service) through humanitarian aid work. Drawing inspiration from Guru Gobind Singh Ji who taught to “recognise the entire human race as one” (Sikh principles).


Volunteers are deployed immediately wherever in the world humanitarian aid is needed, providing relief assistance to victims of disasters, wars, and other tragic events around the world. Most recently Khalsa Aid has been assisting in Philippines, Haiti and India. The UK registered charity established in 1999 and is an international non-profit aid and relief organisation


If you would like to help Khalsa Aid please contact


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