Young Yob Sentenced ASBO


The gang terrorised the neighbourhood despite being arrested serveral times

A gang of baby-faced thugs – including one just aged just 13 – have been banned from two Birmingham neighbourhoods for causing anti-social behaviour on the streets of Washwood Heath and Bordesley Green.

The young yob terrorised law-abiding citizens caused havoc by throwing rocks, hurling abuse and vandalising buses.

The group of schoolboys made a mockery out of the law by continuing criminal behaviour despite being arrested a number of times.

None of the thugs were older than 15-years-old with the youngest being Sajeer Khan who was only 13-year’s old.

All four thugs were also known to have targeted other teenagers for mobile phones, cash and other valuables.

The police and council officials spent 9-months compiling a solid case against the gang and supplied a number of warnings before a ASBO was issued.

Now Khan, his brother Kabir, 15, and Hamza Shafiq, 14, have all been hit with three-year anti-social behaviour orders banning them from parts of Washwood Heath and Bordesley Green. Hassan Hussain,who is also 15, was banned from the same areas unless he was accompanied by his father.

Insp Keith Wiseman, of West Midlands Police, said: “Early intervention and numerous previous arrests did not deter these four young men from carrying out their campaign of serious anti-social behaviour causing alarm and distress to the community.

“We are pleased the court issued orders against these four individuals, which will provide great relief to the local neighbourhood.”

The crackdown was also welcomed by Birmingham City Council’s safety boss, Coun James McKay.

“I congratulate the bravery of the local community who felt empowered to make a change and reclaim their neighbourhood,” he said.

“Criminal acts and anti-social behaviour should not have to be tolerated by decent people trying to live their lives in peace.

“We will continue to work to remove anti-social behaviour from our city.”


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