Men jailed for stirring up hatred


Derby trio distributed anti-gay leaflets

THREE men have been jailed for distributing threatening leaflets in Derby to stir up hatred against homosexuals.
Ihjaz Ali, Razwan Javed and Kabir Ahmed were found guilty following a trial at Derby Crown Court last month.

The case was brought following complaints from members of the public in June 2010 about leaflets being distributed in the Normanton and Pear Tree areas of the city.

The leaflet, titled Death Penalty, contained quotes from the Koran and stated that homosexuality was evil and should be punished by death.

Following a police investigation and consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service five men were charged with offences under section 29C of the Public Order Act.

Ali, 41, of Fairfax Road was found guilty of four counts, Razwan Javed , 31, of Wilfred Road, Derby was found guilty of one count and Kabir Ahmed, 28, of Madeley Street was found guilty of one count.

Ali was sentenced to two years in prison. Javed and Ahmed were sentenced to 15 months each.

Mehboob Hussain, 45, of Rosehill Street, Derby and Umar Javed, 38, of Whittaker Street, Derby were found not guilty.

Speaking after the trial Chief Inspector Sunita Gamblin, of Derby Division, said: “These sentences send a very strong and clear message that this type of activity is a criminal offence and it is not acceptable or tolerated.

“As well as that, I sincerely hope it gives the public, particularly members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender community, confidence that we take such issues seriously and will respond accordingly.

“When opinion and beliefs spill over into hatred as seen in this case it makes people feel threatened.

“No-one should be made to feel fearful simply because of their sexual orientation or any other characteristic.

“We have excellent relationships across the city with the many different communities and they have responded very responsibly to what’s happened and they all share the view that the actions of these men was unlawful and abhorrent.”



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