City Sixth Form Student champions Birmingham culture


Atif Ali, 17, organising ‘Celebrating Cultures’ event at Small Heath School

A BIRMINGHAM school will celebrate the city’s rich cultural heritage – thanks to a passionate student.

Atif Ali will champion the city’s multicultural make up as part of his Extended Project Qualification at Small Heath School.

The event, titled ‘Celebrating Cultures’ is a first for the school and will take place on 8 December.

Students at the school will be encouraged to learn about different cultures, with the event including music performances from students as well as a drama production.

There will also be speeches from special guests.

As part of the conditions of the Extended Project Qualification 17-year-old Sixth Form student Atif will be responsible for a majority of the organising and management of the event.

And while the task may seem daunting for some teenagers, for Atif it’s a chance to showcase his passion for Birmingham and its diverse communities.

He says: “As part of my Extended Project Qualification, I was asked to do something which was important to me. I believed the need to come together to celebrate as well as recognise cultural diversity was something to be proud of and would in turn promote peace and solidarity. It will also be a vital learning experience not just for me but for everyone who will be coming.”

Atif admits he’s gone through a range of emotions as he spends all his spare time organising the event.

“The emotions involved in organising this event are overwhelming; there are times when I’m stressed and nervous and at other times I’m excited,” he says.

“Organising everything is daunting, but it will be rewarding in the end when everything comes together. Organising an event is hard work but I keep imagining the evening and how it’ll be worth it.”

And it seems Atif’s passion has rubbed off on other students all eager to be part of the ‘Celebrating Cultures’ event.

“The support from peers who are close to me has been absolutely breathtaking,” Atif says.

“I have made them believe in the event as much as I do and they are so eager to get involved. Moreover the support I have received from my teachers Mr Riley, Mr Ubee and Mrs Rohman has been phenomenal.”

‘Celebrating Cultures’ will be supported by Birmingham Airport, the school’s major partner.


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