Curry-fume! It’s a bit W-iffy you know!


Restaurant Launches new curry scented perfume

THE latest beauty accessory wafted onto the British High Street yesterday – curry scented perfume!

‘Tears on my Pilau’ is described as a “delicious” mixture of fragrant oils, exotic herbs and a blend of Indian spices.

Its top notes consist of cumin, conifer resin and bergamot, while middle and bass notes include turmeric, tobacco sauce, chilli and fenugreek.

The unisex scent – which lingers for up to 24 hours – is still being tested but could hit the High Street in as little as 12 months. When it is released, the perfume will retail for £39.99.

It was created by kitchen staff at India Dining restaurant in Warlingham, Surrey, to mark National Curry Week.

A spokesman for the restaurant said he wanted to recreate the smell of a “real Mumbai street”.

“This is our first excursion into the world of perfumery, and we think we’ve done a fantastic job,” he added.

“This sophisticated fragrance is subtly infused with the smell of curry. We’re not talking overpowering curry paste, but rather delicious tones of cumin and conifer amidst a secret combination of exotic herbs and spices.”


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