‘Mickey Mouse’ nightclub promoter prosecuted


Shiraz Bhatti ordered to pay over £1,000 over illegal leaflets

A PROMOTER responsible for illegally distributing flyers for nightclubs and events across Leicester has been ordered to pay over £1,000 after being prosecuted.

Shiraz Bhatti, of King Street, Leicester, appeared before city magistrates on Wednesday, May 11, after pleading guilty by letter to a series of offences relating to distributing flyers and leaflets in the city.

The court heard how Bhatti, the company director of Club Promotions Ltd, had been responsible for the distribution of flyers for nightlcubs including Life and Liquid, during fresher’s week at De Montfort University, in September 2010.

City Wardens approached Bhatti when he was distributing flyers in Mill Lane, outside De Montfort University, on September 28, 2010.

Bhatti initially attempted to get a fixed penalty notice, which had been issued to member of his staff earlier that same day, to be transferred to him, so that he could take the case the court.

The court was told that shortly afterwards, when City Wardens picked up a flyer from the ground to use as evidence, Bhatti snatched it back saying it was his property, before then continuing to hand out flyers.

When City Wardens then attempted to issue him with a fixed penalty notice, he gave his name as Mickey Mouse before walking off.

Two days later, Bhatti was again spotted in Mill Lane. This time, when he was approached by a City Warden, and a local police officer working in the area, he gave his correct name and address.

The court heard how Bhatti had apologised for failing to provide the details previously, because he had been frustrated that the fixed penalty notice issued to a member of his staff could not retrospectively be altered into his name, so he could “fight it in court”.

Bhatti, who did not attend court, was fined £300 for the offence of distributing printed matter, plus £300 for the offence of causing another person to do so, under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

In addition, Bhatti was fined £100 for failing to give his name and address when asked to do so by City Wardens. He was also ordered to pay £377 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Leicester City Council’s City Warden team manager, Barbara Whitcombe, said: “This is a good result and will hopefully deter other promoters from handing out flyers illegally.

“Flyers and other printed material are a major cause of litter in the city centre, which costs the council considerable time and effort to clear up, and this case shows that enforcement action can be taken to deal with it.”

David Carrott, director of estates at De Montfort University, added: “De Montfort University experiences significant littering problems from leaflets left in university buildings, which form slip hazards, and posters stuck to our buildings.

“The university also has to spend valuable resources clearing up and repairing damaged paintwork.

“The university works closely with Leicester City Council’s City Wardens to tackle these problems and welcomes the court’s decision in this case which hopefully will serve as a deterrent to other night club offenders.”


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