PM calls for ‘fresh start’ with Pakistan


David Cameron in first visit to Pakistan as British PM

DAVID Cameron has called for a ‘fresh start’ in relations with Pakistan.

The Prime Minister is making his first visit to the country since taking office last May.

He gave a keynote speech today to students and faculty members at Comsats University, Islamabad.  

The speech was watched on videolink by students at Comsats campuses across Pakistan. Students at Lancaster University in the UK, which has a dual degree scheme with Comsats University, also joined by videolink.

Speaking to students, Prime Minister Cameron said: “I come here today to mark a new chapter in the relationship between our two countries. As President Zardari and I agreed when he visited Chequers last August, we want to deepen and enhance the unbreakable partnership between Pakistan and Britain. The unbreakable partnership must not just be between our two governments. It must be between our peoples too.”

“The links between our countries go deep. So as Prime Minister in London, ensuring what is best for Britain means that I have a direct interest in seeing Pakistan succeed.

“I acknowledge that there are challenges that our friendship must overcome. But I want to argue today that they shouldn’t hold us back anymore. Whether it’s relations with India, our security, or questions of governance, if we work closely with one another, if we’re clear that we need each other to succeed, we can grasp these difficult issues and move beyond them to a better future.

“So let’s make today a ‘fresh start’ in our relationship. It is time for a new step in relations between Britain and Pakistan, and between Britons and Pakistanis.”


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