British Sikhs warned of EDL and BNP support


Groups are using ‘divide and rule’ tactics to recruit ‘mis-guided Sikh youth’

BRITISH Sikhs supporting the British National Party and the English Defence League have been warned they could be in line as the groups’ next target.

The warning came as Unite Against Fascism and the Indian Workers Association launched a joint statement condemning the groups.

Balwindar Singh Rana, spokesperson for UAF said the EDL were using Sikh youths to promote disharmony amongst the Asian communities.

“The EDL are trying to use the well known tactics of ‘Divide and Rule’ by recruiting mis-guided Sikh youth to their cause,” he said. “They pretend to be only against the Muslims but they are a racist organisation with very sinister aims.

He added: “The Sikh youth have to realise that today it’s the Muslims and tomorrow it will be all of us, Black and Asian, Hindu and Sikh.”

Members of UAF and IWA visited Gurdwaras and Mandirs in Southall this weekend urging community leaders to add their names to the statement.

Mr Rana added the aim of the EDL was to “provoke race riots and make black and Asian people scapegoats for all current economic problems.”


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